IT commerce and distribution

Myosoft sells IT products and provides assistance and technical consultancy to assure the optimal configuration of the equipment you are about to purchase. Our IT Department guides you through the entire process of purchase, from consultation in choosing the best components and IT equipment, to implementation, command assembly and installation of newly acquired equipment at customer location. All systems are designed and manufactured to perfectly fit each client's specific needs and requirements.

We configure and sell computers and peripherals perfectly suited to your needs. Starting from basic systems for office-type activities to complex dedicated servers, the entire system is designed and engineered in Myosoft offices. Depending on our customer's needs, we complete the IT&C infrastructure with peripherals and consumables. Besides all this, we also provide system software configured to suit your hardware products.

IT consulting & support

Myosoft company provides technical assistance dedicated to small and medium companies, that do not justify the costs of running their own internal IT department. We also offer our services to large companies who wish to rely on our experienced team for the maintenance of their computer network.

Myosoft permanently supports its clients, providing them with efficient solutions to technical problems that may occur to computers, peripherals, network servers, internet service, software applications, etc.